So much more than just a developer

Born in Vancouver, Based in Calgary. I'm a very proud Canadian with the privilege to have a career that makes a global impact. Total geek by nature.

Away from Keyboard

Since I spend a significant amount of my time away from my laptop. I enjoy watching the great game of Hockey, exploring the beautiful outdoors and, travelling the globe.

Loves Everything Hockey

Like a typical Canadian, everything to do with hockey runs in my blood. I physically play in multiple leagues, take my NHL video games very seriously, and do my absolute best to never miss a Sharks game.

  • Ice Hockey

    I try to get on the ice several times every week, it's the best way for me to stay in shape, and I've always loved the friendships that develop with new teammates every year.

  • NHL20

    I take my NHL video games very seriously, I love playing against gamers that are equally skilled or run circles around me. Though I must admit, that's a really small number. Challenge me sometime, I dare you.

  • San Jose Sharks

    I've been a diehard San Jose Sharks fan for a while now. Born a raised in Vancouver, but somehow turned into a Sharks fan. I try to wear something with a Sharks logo on it all times.


Spending so much time on my laptop is a blessing and a curse all rolled into one. I learn a lot about the state of technology in the world, but take full advantage of the beautiful world we live in when I can too.

  • Hiking

    I'm a big "views" personality. I enjoy hiking, but mostly for the kickass view at the end. My personal favourite is The Chief in Squamish, BC.

  • Driving Expeditions

    I regularly drive the distance between Calgary (Alberta) and Chilliwack (BC). I've also driven partially down the Western US coast and would like to do a lot more around Canada!

  • International Travel

    I take great pride in learning the lifestyles of others. I firmly believe the biggest challenge we have as a human-race is truly sympathizing with others. Seeing different cultures has made me an objectively better human.

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